Nvnomics is dedicated to challenging everything that is wrong and maintaining what is right about our world’s economic ecosphere. In a world of evolving sciences and unveiling truths, economics is one of the few disciplines that remains unchanged in 100 years. 

The fundamentals of economic theories are sound, but the logical application of them need to be re-examined in our modern world.  With endless talks of debt, austerity, stimulus, monetary supply and fiscal policy; the most important factor in supporting economic growth has been completely overlooked. 

Austrian economist, Joseph Schumpeter, understood something that Steve Jobs applied every day, “creative destruction” or what we more affectionately call innovation equals economic success.  Innovation not only makes the world go around, but it ensures that it continues  to go around.  From medical advances, to technological advances, to fuel revolution; it is innovation in economic flow that will redefine our world. 

We should be nation of participants and not just mere bystanders.  Click here to become a part of the nation.


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